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phastlink: at a glance

phastlink creates custom internet applications that integrate and expand your own online capabilities. whether managing opt-in mailing lists online with custom interfaces, monitoring and reporting on your existing site or equipment, developing and hosting dynamic internet business portals, or providing custom solutions that fit your needs, phastlink is the premier provider of quality internet services and data solutions.

expand your capabilities

with phastlink data integration services your website truly becomes a portal between your business and your customers. no longer will the website be a static advertisement, but rather an interactive environment to foster relationships by anticipating customer needs and proactively targeting specific opportunities based on consumer profiles.

stop reacting

with phastlink monitoring and reporting services, knowledge of your online system is but a click away. with reporting options ranging from simple browsing habits to complete site analysis, phastlink provides the information you need to provide the best online experience possible.

simplify your life, cut your budget

phastlink hosting services provide a complete business portal to your customers and the world without the pain, grief, and downtime of managing your own systems. whether your business requires only space to host its website, or a complete online presence complete with email, phastlink's versatile hosting services are the right choice for you.

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consumer investigative


dallas morning news
may 19 2002

"east meets west"
march 7 2002

create web partnership
february 5 2002


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Development Board

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